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A water leak can cost you much more than the money to repair the damage: it can devalue your home, create mold and risk damage to your personal belongings.

Do you have some water problems in your house?

You Restorations will provide assistance with the finest water extraction services and water damage restoration equipment. In case of emergency, we can handle any scenario, from flooding to broken pipes. We have the experience and expertise required to help you achieve effective results. Your Restorations is a full-service water mitigation company that can assist you in your time of need, regardless of whether you have a residential or business property. When it comes to water damage cleanup and restoration, we understand that a timely response greatly reduces the chances of secondary damage and mold growth. Our expert staff is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are your best option if you want to keep your family safe, just contact us through +1 (786)6973544 and we will be happy to help you!

Water damage restorations / water damage mitigation and where are the places where there are this problems. 

Water damage restorations are done when properties and building suffered long-lasting structural damages,we will take care of recovery in the first 24-38 hours in order to minimize the potential short and long term effects of water damage.


Water damage mitigation is a process that will allow you to eliminate the damage. This includes a variety of steps that will ensure that your belongings are being restored correctly, and that the property itself is being treated safely. You restorations will do the decontamination process to make sure your porous materials are safe and dry.


Our team is specialized in dealing with water damage. We can help you to learn about the cause of the issue and give you an informed opinion on the best solution. We are equipped with all needed equipment to handle water damage professionally and perform timely restorations.


Do you know the most common places where we can find water damage?

HVAC Unit: if they do not have a good maintenance.

Pipelines: If you have obstructed pipes, old bad installations or others.

Kitchen: if you have broken vales, cracked faucets or ruined drain pipes.

Bathroom: if you have cracked toilet bowls or bathtubs.

Laundry: failures in the supply hoses.

You Restorations is your biggest support if you have water damage problems, contact us!

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process of water damage restorations

By having a team of certified professionals with the highest standards in the field, we are conscious that this is nothing less than what you deserve. We are your right choice in any damage situation, regardless of how big or small is, know our steps:

We will receive your call and provide you with a step by step process for water damage. while we arrive.

Our team will go to your property and do an inspection to evaluate water damage, we take a step by step approach to fixing the damage caused. We will explain to you what is the job we will need to do, how it will be done and how long it should take.

We will measure the size of the water damage, to select the right equipment for your job.

We will prepare the area to do the water extraction and drying.

We will take the necessary steps to clean and sanitize the area for water damage.

 We will remove the damaged material and evaluate damages for any remaining water damage.

Finally, You restorations team will confirm everything is dry, the humidity tests are complete, and the dehumidification equipment is removed.

Tips while we arrive!

For You Restorations our main purpose is to protect families, so here are some tips to help you take control of the situation while we arrive.

Keep you and your family safe.

Keep you personal documents and belongings with you if you have to evacuate.

Try to shut off water valves.

Avoid to have contact with water you are not sure where it comes from.

Call us immediately.

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