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What is mold and why is it dangerous?

Mold is a microscopic fungus that grows on various surfaces due to moisture and although it is necessary in the environmental chain, since it helps to break down organic matter it is harmful to human health and our properties.

Fungi are allergenic bodies so they cause sneezing, runny nose, irritation in the eyes and nose and can even cause skin rashes. According to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 42% of allergic people in the United States say that mold was a factor that triggers their symptoms, so it is vital to remove them completely from our home.

Where can I find this mold?

Remember that mold can grow not only in the inside but also outside of your house, but it is a reality. It is more dangerous if it is inside your house, it is usually found in bathrooms and places where there is more humidity, it also grows in every type of temperature.

Mold creates spores and reproduces fastly, those spores are usually inhaled by humans and also pets, after having this in our lungs different respiratory problems can appear.

It is also important to know that mold can create allergens and produce allergic reactions. 

Do not remove mold by yourself, we will do it in the proper way

Mold removal has to be done with the proper team and tools, this is because if you do not have the right tools to do it, it will stay there and it can be more dangerous, on the internet you can find some ways to remove it but they are not efficient and mold will be continue being a danger for you and your family

Choose You Restorations

You Restorations can help you in the removal, as it must be done by an expert to prevent the spread of mold to other surfaces causing further damage. We investigate the reason for the accumulation, which is the extent of the damage, which surfaces are affected and which materials should or should not be removed. Don’t worry we take care of everything and ensure you get your property back.

The best thing is that with You Restorations the first visit to your home is completely free!

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