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Flames have gone but the job is just starting!

Fire can do lots of damage to your property, family, and possessions. When the flames are finally gone, after calling You Restorations, the job is just beginning! Call for a team that can mitigate all damages caused by fire and protect your property and family +1 (786)6973544.

The importance of a good Restoration team

A quick response from your Restorations company will be the key to do the best for your home, you will need to call You Restorations between the first 24-48 hours after fire has gone in order to make sure that your property is restored well.

Your Restorations company can help you with your home restoration process. We have the right tools to manage your project quickly with the goal of restoring everything to its original state.


We will handle all that is required to deal with damages caused by fire, smoke and also lye. We will clean the contaminated areas from smoke and acids caused by the fire extinguishing products, we will eliminate dangerous residuals from fire extinguishing products and we will carry out a professional cleaning of your home and its surroundings to return it to the prior state as if nothing happened.

How is the process?

Fire is a natural process, but when the fire has been in your house it is a good idea to call You restoration company to make sure any fire damage is properly taken care of. Our team will bring humidity control and cleaning technicians that will remove the smoke from your house. The good thing about working with a team that specializes in this kind of accident is that you have better chances of restoring your property to its original state.

When emergencies arrive you will need to have a professional team for you 24/7 every day!

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We will do an inspection to see damages caused in the property. Our inspectors are experienced and qualified to give you the best service.

The water removal and the drying of the spaces is done where there is the water used to extinguish the fire.

A well done drying it’s necessary because  if some spaces have humidity, mold can grow.

We will prepare the zone with the tools to remove the damaged materials.

We will do the dehumidification of the area.

We will do the odor removal.

We will clean all the areas including air ducts and every space of your home.

We will clean and remove all the damage materials.


You Restorations has the certified and talented staff you need to handle all of your restoration needs. No job is too big or too small for our highly qualified specialists. Our technicians are fully prepared to complete any type of restoration job with the highest level of responsibility and commitment, call us +1 (786)6973544 and we will be there as soon as possible!

Why You Restoration team is your best option?

When some emergency arrives you need a company that can make you feel safe and have the experience and commitment to protect your home. Our most important value is your security and our team will be present to assist you all time after the emergency, this is why we are your best option, You Restorations offers you:

Service 24 hours and 7 days a week, we know emergencies do not have any specific time.

A team trained and prepared to do any type of restoration job with the best equipment and a lot of expertise.

Our principal goal is to protect you, your family and your property. 

We are your best option if you want to keep your family safe, just contact us through +1 (786)6973544 and we will be happy to help you!

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