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Don't let your house get flooded with sewage!

Intense storms, floods, and rains can cause sewers to stop working properly due to the large amounts of water entering these systems at one time, resulting in sewer system clogs that then lead to overflows either on the streets, at home or in your business.

Wastewater contains various viruses and germs that can cause multiple diseases and even make your property unfit to live, these diseases usually are:

Gastrointestinal diseases: due to accidental ingestion or from preparing food on surfaces that have been contaminated and that have not been properly cleaned.

Rash and infections: touching contaminated materials can cause these infections and rashes on your body.

That is why we make the following recommendations in case there is an overflow of sewage in your house:

1– Do not try to lower the toilet water yourself, this can cause more disaster and you could get wet with this dirty water.

2- Keep children away from sewage, avoid your kids to be closer to this water because it can be really dangerous.

3- If you want to manipulate something you should wear rubber gloves and you will have to wash your hands immediately, however You Restorations team recommended you to not to touch anything until professionals arrive at your property.

4- Call your trusted company for water damage.

Remember that our team has the tools and certified technicians to carry out the mitigations and remediations caused by these wastewater, it is vitally important that in these cases you have qualified personnel so that your home, business, your family and your health are safe.

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You Restorations advises you to avoid touching anything in your home if it has been contaminated by sewage, wait for the professionals.


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