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Complete Guide on Content Packing After a Disaster

When a disaster occurs, it can affect more than just the physical structure of your home: it often also impacts the contents inside. In these cases, you may need certain items removed from your residence or commercial business. This process is known as content packing and is the topic of today’s blog post.


What is Content Packing?

Regardless of the type of disaster you face, whether it’s a fire, flood, hurricane, or severe weather, it is likely that you have suffered damage to the contents of your home or office. This damage can occur during the actual catastrophe, during rescue efforts, or immediately after. For example, if your house is involved in a fire, your furniture may suffer fire damage during the initial escape, water damage from the firefighting hoses during rescue efforts, and smoke and odor damage in the upholstery once the event is over.

Content packing is a crucial part of the post-disaster cleaning and restoration process. This process involves packing the damaged items in your home and moving them to a safe area. When a disaster cleaning team arrives at your home, they proceed to pack the affected items and take them to a remote location where they can be accessed according to the type of damage (smoke, water, fire, mold, etc.). After an initial assessment, a recovery plan is implemented, and the effort to clean and restore the contents of your home begins.

It is vital that this process is carried out as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, the more damage your belongings will suffer. Because of this, you should always call a disaster recovery service immediately after a catastrophe.

The removal of items from your home also helps a disaster restoration company repair the property damage inside your house. While this restoration and cleaning are carried out, your items are stored in a facility until the cleaning teams finish and your residence returns to normal. A good damage repair service will ensure that you review each item that has been packed and restored to guarantee that you are completely satisfied with the condition of your belongings.


Types of Content Restoration

The types of home and office contents that are usually packed after a disaster include furniture, carpets, books, collectibles, and documents. These items can suffer damage from fire, water, smoke, soot, and even mold and fungi. Upholstery and carpet cleaning may also be necessary, and water extraction and drying services are often required. Additionally, clothing sometimes needs dry cleaning.


Damage Restoration and Content Packing Services

Getting your life or business back to normal should be your number one priority after a disaster. To help ensure that this process goes smoothly and as stress-free as possible, you should always seek the help of a disaster restoration service. At You-Home, we offer a wide variety of disaster mitigation solutions and have experience in all types of catastrophe recovery for residential and commercial clients, including:

  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Flood damage
  • Smoke and soot damage
  • Mold and fungi
  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • Packing and storage
  • Trauma and meth lab cleanup
  • Reconstruction
  • Document restoration
  • Temporary repairs
  • Disaster consulting


In addition to mitigating property damage, disaster recovery professionals will also assist you with the insurance claim process, making the task as straightforward as possible.

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