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5 Ways to prevent mold in your home

Be aware of mold damages

Mold can develop from spores, which is why it can grow practically anywhere from walls to ceilings, carpets, windows, clothing, food, shoes and many other places. Remember that it is not about the purity of the air in your home but about health, a high level of mold can have consequences on the health of adults and children, especially those with respiratory problems. That is why today we bring you some tips to prevent mold in your property.

1- Be aware of leaks

Leaks in any place such as downspouts or roofs cause mold because they are in closed spaces where a lot of humidity is produced, you must repair the leaks to prevent all types of filtration and humidity.

2- Keep the water away from the walls

Inspect the walls inside and outside the property, check that there is no accumulation of water on the walls, if you notice that they have a damp appearance, it is a sign that there is a lot of humidity.

3- Avoid filling the cabinets too much

Avoid filling your closets with many clothes because they will be a kind of breeding ground for mold.

4- ventilate your bathroom

Remember that where there is humidity, there is mold, so in bathrooms you have to be especially careful because if you do not have adequate ventilation there will be mold quickly.

5-Eliminate any source of moisture

If you notice that there are signs of dampness in any part of your house, you should take care of calling technicians to solve it as soon as possible, in this way you will avoid mold in your property.

We will help you with every type of mold problems

Don’t let mold be just another inhabitant of your home, protect your family and call our team, we’ll take care of removing mold and giving you peace of mind.

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