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4 Signs you have mold in your house

1- If you have mold odor

Mold usually secretes a particular odor like ”musty, damp or even earthy” this odor is a sign that there could be mold in your property because when it starts to grow it starts to smell like that, it is important for you to remember that even if you can see it there can be mold in many parts of your house if it has this particular smell.

2- If you have some of these symptoms

If you have experimented some of these symptoms lately is because in your home there is a big quantity of mold:


Inability to focus in normal tasks.

Memory Loss.




Mold can cause this type of symptoms because of the toxic substance it produces, especially to those people with weak immune systems.

3- if you have history of flooding

If you know that your house has suffered past floods you will need to be aware of it and start working on having a team that can detect mold as soon as possible. After flooding there are many possibilities that water has filtered into the walls, or other spaces that are now full of humidity.

4- if you have water leaks

Remember best friend of mold is water and humidity, that is why if in your home there are water leaks or even condensation it is very possible you have a mold problem, mold usually grows in inconspicuous places that you may not see often, that is why every leak needs to be taken seriously and fixed as soon as possible. High levels of humidity will produce mold spores to spread into the house and cause more problems.

If you have these signals in front of you, don’t ignore them!

If you have detected more than 1 sign of the previous mentioned, you must call You Restoration, our team will perform that mold assessment in order to prove there are high levels of mold in your home, then we will take care of the problem and you will not have to worry for your home, family and health anymore.

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